Do you own a Hotel?

For any type of Hotel you have, Margarita Bonita proposes a new business model that makes the room more profitable and helps you differentiate yourself within an increasingly competitive sector.

Room with double use

Having a Margarita Bonita Suite does not mean that you are mortgaging a room only for romantic use. Without the movement of the bed, lights and accessories, the use of this room is fully compatible with standard reservations.

Loyalty and new market shares

With Margarita Bonita, more than loyalty to your romantic clients, you will make them fall in love. In addition, having this type of room will allow you to reach different markets, such as the proximity tourism that seeks close and different romantic experiences. 

Innovation and differentiation

Margarita Bonita products are truly innovative products and will also allow you to offer something that your competition does not offer. Beyond the rose petal and the bottle of champagne, we propose a different romantic getaway, which has its main value and characteristic element in the Movement Bed

Increased profitability

With Margarita Bonita you can increase the sale price of your room between 30 and 50%. This fact, alongside with the increase in occupancy, will give you an increase of more than 100% in profitability.

Amortization of the investment from 6 to 12 months

The investment pays for itself, in most cases in less than a year. In addition, Margarita Bonita has different financing programs through which you will pay for the room through reservations. We are so confident of success that if you don't win, neither do we.

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