Hôtel Ostella***

Hotel Ostella*** is defined as a privileged, charming and luxurious hotel in the south of the Bastia region, in Corsica..

Hotel of modern construction and recently renovated, a few minutes by car from different beaches, offers a panoramic view of the place from north to south with exquisite views.

EveryThe hotel has extensive outdoor areas, gardens that encourage romanticism, a restaurant with traditional Mediterranean cuisine, a lover of typical regional ingredients, with a large terrace with good views of the sea, a Cocoon Spa, a gym and a heated swimming pool


Romantic style room, Margarita Bonita Room at Hotel Ostella ** has all the Margarita Bonita elements; the Movement Bed and the Neotantra Sofa.

The Movement Bed in King Size size (2m x 2m), with built-in RGB led light, offers exclusive sensations with the different movements and intensities that guests can control through a remote control.

The Neotantra Sofa, upholstered in white, complements the Margarita Bonita romantic experience.

The Hotel Ostella*** offers guests a Welcome Erotic Pack and a User's Guide, to get the most out of the room.

Country: Francia
Adress: av. Sampiero Corso – Sortie sud Bastia 20600 Bastia
Telephone: +04 95 30 97 70

Neotantra Sofa
Regular price €1.429,00
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
Love Pillow Brigitte
Regular price €229,00
  • Blue
  • Black
Love Pillow Gina
Regular price €249,00
  • Blue
  • Black
Love Pillow Sofia
Regular price €156,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Marlene
Regular price €182,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Marilyn
Regular price €69,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Bettie
Regular price €549,00
  • blue
  • black

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