Hotel le Belvedere

The hotel Le Belvedere**, a hotel located in a residential area, in an idyllic setting where the abundant green of the vegetation and the tranquility that is breathed emulate a paradise for the couple.

Of the 30 rooms that the hotel has, spread over three floors and with fantastic views of the sea and the Pyrenees, the Hotel Le Belvedere ** has implemented our Margarita Bonita Room concept in one of them.

The hotel has a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, a terrace with magnificent views and a parking service for guests.


The Margarita Bonita Room at the Hotel Le Belvedere ** invites its guests to live the romantic Margarita Bonita experience in a unique and fun atmosphere..

The room has a Movement Bed equipped with a Led RGB lighting system and piped music. Both the bed and the lighting and background music can be controlled remotely to personalize your own romantic setting.

It also has a sober Neotantra Sofa upholstered in black, an ergonomic sofa adaptable to the bodies of the couple and where the power of the imagination has no limits.

As a welcome detail in this romantic room, a Welcome Erotic Pack is offered, which consists of fine satin ribbons, an eye mask and a feather duster and a User's Guide to get the most out of the room.

The room also has a space equipped with a Jacuzzi with a romantic atmosphere, exquisite decoration and a beautiful artificial starry sky.

ADRESS: Rue Pierre Benoît – BP 44 66750 SAINT CYPRIEN CEDEX

The Movement BedThe Movement Bed
The Movement Bed
Precio habitual $5,448.54
    Neotantra SofaNeotantra Sofa
    Neotantra Sofa
    Precio habitual $1,579.62
    • Brown
    • White
    • Black
    Love Pillow MarilynLove Pillow Marilyn
    Love Pillow Marilyn
    Precio habitual $76.27
    • Black
    • Blue
    Love Pillow GinaLove Pillow Gina
    Love Pillow Gina
    Precio habitual $275.25
    • Blue
    • Black
    Love Pillow SofiaLove Pillow Sofia
    Love Pillow Sofia
    Precio habitual $172.44
    • Black
    • Blue
    Love Pillow MarleneLove Pillow Marlene
    Love Pillow Marlene
    Precio habitual $201.18
    • Black
    • Blue
    Love Pillow BrigitteLove Pillow Brigitte
    Love Pillow Brigitte
    Precio habitual $253.14
    • Blue
    • Black
    Love Pillow BettieLove Pillow Bettie
    Love Pillow Bettie
    Precio habitual $606.87
    • blue
    • black

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