Hotel Abba Garden ****

The Abba Garden Hotel**** was the first establishment in Barcelona to join the Romantic Route of Suite Margarita Bonita, the fifth in Spain, and the seventh globally. The Margarita Bonita Suite at this hotel stands out for its minimalist style and for its spectacular terrace with panoramic views over the city of Barcelona. In addition, its location allows you to enjoy a relaxing and intimate environment a few minutes from the city center.

The suite at the Abba Garden Hotel **** has all the key elements of Margarita Bonita. First of all, it has a Movement Bed and a Neotantra Sofa in white. In addition, it has been chosen to install three beveled mirrors that provide a feeling of extra space and enhance the romantic experience.

Next to Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, with excellent connection to the upper part of the city. Ideal destination for a stay in Barcelona.

Country: Spain
Adress: Carrer de Santa Rosa, 33, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
Category: 4*

Neotantra Sofa
Regular price €1.429,00
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
Love Pillow Gina
Regular price €249,00
  • Blue
  • Black
Love Pillow Sofia
Regular price €156,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Marlene
Regular price €182,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Marilyn
Regular price €69,00
  • Black
  • Blue
Love Pillow Brigitte
Regular price €229,00
  • Blue
  • Black
Love Pillow Bettie
Regular price €549,00
  • blue
  • black

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