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In Margarita Bonita we believe in love, in couples and obviously we believe in sex. We want to give it the importance that it deserves. Because we like it, and because we’re one of those ones who believe that life as a couple is better and much more complete when intimate relationships are too.

They are exclusive pieces of furniture and designer accessories, at first glance they seem normal, but they are specially designed for your most intimate moments. So that you take your relationships with your partner to another level. So that you rediscover sex and, incidentally, your life. 

Headrest Neotantra SofaHeadrest Neotantra Sofa
Headrest Neotantra Sofa
Precio habitual €147,62
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
Chassis Armrest Neotantra SofaChassis Armrest Neotantra Sofa
Chassis Armrest Neotantra Sofa
Precio habitual €196,00
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
Table Sofá Neotantra
Precio habitual €312,00
    RGB LED Lights
    Precio habitual €255,00
      Welcome Erotic Pack
      Precio habitual €16,95

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