Orgasming on The Bettie Love Pillow

Orgasming on The Bettie Love Pillow

David covered June’s eyes with a blindfold. “What’s up, babe?” June questioned; she was not expecting this on their anniversary. “I’ve got a surprise for you, actually for both of us,” David said guiding his wife towards their bedroom. He opened the door for her and took her to the right corner of the room. “Here we are,” David said taking off the blindfold. “WOW!” June jumped in excitement. He had bought her a Love Pillow. He knew that she has had a desire for erotic furniture. “this is the Bettie Love Pillow, it is said this could steam up the things” David said winking at his wife. “WOW! That’s amazing, but, we should have to try it first before we review it, don’t we” June winked back. June always wanted to try having sex on erotic furniture, and David had made her fantasy come to reality. “Oh, you naughty girl” David said pressing his lips into June. She kissed him back. They started undressing each other, and once done, David pushed June into the love chair and straddled upon her. They continued the kiss, the couple devoured each other’s mouth for long minutes which were so passionate.

Suddenly David broke the kiss and started moving his lips towards her neck, he sucked all over and then moved even below. He stopped at her breasts; June’s full round breasts were turning him even hornier. He could not resist, he sucked them and nipped them while locking his eyes into June’s. June could not help moaning. She was in ecstasy. As David kept sucking and nipping on her his right hand moved towards her pussy and he started rubbing her clit in figure eights. Sooner she became so wet, June was moaning so loud. It felt so amazing. June’s moans were turning David on. Suddenly, David stopped. June moaned in frustration. She wanted to cum. David changed the position he was lying and stroked his dick in front of June’s shining eyes before he entered into her pussy.

He positioned himself between the legs of his wife who was lying on her back on the Love pillow and thrust his dick into her pussy. June moaned in pleasure. With a gentle slowness, he lowered his hips towards her, until she felt his dick slide into her wetness, inch by agonizing inch. His cock buried deep inside her warm, inviting center. He kissed her again, his body remaining completely motionless as he reveled in the feel of her soft interior wrapped around his achingly hard cock.

She wanted more, “Harder” she moaned. He held her legs even harder, he grabbed her hips and began throbbing into her as if there were no tomorrow. She continued to squeeze her muscles around his dick whenever he pushed his dick into her. He began fucking her harder, pushing his dick into her as hard and as fast as possible. And suddenly he threw her onto her fours and started fucking her from the back, he jackhammered into her making her scream in pleasure. Soon her whole body squirmed as she came, and watching her body tremble and vibrate made him cum inside her. David grunted as he dropped his warm white cum inside her. He pulled out, they both were panting. “WOW, that was so amazing,” June said still shaking. “I told you this Love pillow won’t fail us!” David whispered.

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