The Movement Bed

If there is a product that represents a revolution in the world of relationships this is undoubtedly The Movement Bed by Margarita Bonita

With it's patented technology, makes multiple movements regulated by a remote that reproduce the body rhythm of intimate relationships.

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Design, elegance, relax, confort and fun

The Neotantra Sofa by Margarita Bonita is an elegant designer piece of furniture, in addition it is the ideal place to rest, relax and have fun without leaving the couch

It’s curves, which mimic those of the human body, they improve the blood flow of those who lay on it, at the same time the Neotantra Sofa also has a double use: Revive the sentimental life of its users

The Love Pillows

Love Pillows by Margarita Bonita is a range of accessories that, without a doubt, improve sexual relationships with your partner. They are a real revolution in the world of intimacy.

They are erotic pillows that, inspired by the Kamasutra, are designed to help reach seemingly impossible positions, in a simple and comfortable way.


"It has been a dream come true. Margarita Bonita has the best range of erotic furniture that allows you to love each other as a couple and regain the lost passion."

Míriam & Jose

"We are fascinated by the Neotantra Sofa, it has an elegant design. At the same time is very comfortable and facilitates relationships of the couple"

Lucía & CArlos

"We spent a magic night together, unforgettable and full of emotions. The Suite Margarita Bonita made us fall in love again, we’ll be back"

Daniel & Diviana

Erotic Rooms

The Suite Margarita Bonita and Margarita Bonita Room are concepts of room for couple where product and marketing fuse in order to improve the romantic experience of the guests and generate unforgettable experiences

The Secret Cube

If the mysterious games and the unmentionable mischiefs fascinate you, place a Margarita Bonita Secret Cube in your office, in your studio or in your living room.

Its external appearance, apparently inoffensive, hides inside a real tool of fantasy at your taste for you and your guests.

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