The Movement Bed

If there is one product that represents a genuine revolution in the world of intimate relationships it is, without doubt, the Movement bed, by Margarita Bonita.

Because it is the first bed in the world made with, besides sleeping, making love in mind.

Thanks to its movements, that imitate the body's rhythm when making love, the Movement bed provides amazing sensations, improving your sex-life and taking your orgasms to a completely new level.

Besides, making love is so much more comfortable, because the bed does all the hard work.

Movement Bed is the only bed designed also to improve your health. Its unique movements make Movement Bed a key tool in helping to battle illnesses related to stress and insomnia. Movement Bed is also able to improve joint problems as well as poor circulation. Its rocking motion provides a massage that alleviates the physical and mental exhaustion of its users.

Welcome to the world of Movement Bed, avant-garde furniture that will revolutionize the concept of beds, rest and sleep.

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