If there is one product that represents a genuine revolution in the world of intimate relationships it is, without doubt, the Movement bed, by Margarita Bonita.

Because it is the first bed in the world made with, besides sleeping, making love in mind.

Thanks to its movements, that imitate the body's rhythm when making love, the Movement bed provides amazing sensations, improving your sex-life and taking your orgasms to a completely new level.

Besides, making love is so much more comfortable, because the bed does all the hard work.

Design, elegance, relax, comfort and fun. All in one piece of furniture

What at first seems like just a State-of-Art designer sofa also turns out to be the ideal place to rest, relax and have fun, without having to leave the sofa.

The Neotantra Sofa is a stylish piece of designer furniture that facilitates rest and immerses you in a state of deep relaxation.

Its curves, which mimic the human body, improve the blood circulation of the people lying on it.

The Neotantra Sofa also has a dual use: rekindling the love life of its users.

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Love Pillows by Margarita Bonita is a range of accessories that, without a doubt, improve sexual relationships with your partner.

They are erotic pillows that, inspired by the Kamasutra, are designed to help reach seemingly impossible positions, in a simple and comfortable way.

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The Margarita Bonita Erotic Pack has an elegant packaging design made of tin that includes two black satin ribbons, mask and feathers. 

Ideal for enjoying as a couple and for gifts.


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