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Suite Margarita Bonita

Suite Margarita Bonita is a concept of room for couples where product and marketing come together to improve guests’ romantic experience, to generate new emotions and to make maximum room profits in 4 and 5 star hotels.

Apart from rose petals and a glass of champagne, we propose a suite that has its main attraction in the bed moving, which is a key tool to differentiate.

Around it, we create a unique and sophisticated romantic scenario through a customizable sensory and light atmosphere, a tantric sofa and an exclusive accessories package.


Equipinnov2 Margarita Bonita Suite was awarded the prize for the most innovative Equip'Innov concept Equip'Hotel Paris Fair 2012

Movement Bed

Movement Bed, love in motion

Movement is the fundamental and differential element of Suite Margarita Bonita. We got it thanks to the Movement Bed, the single bed in the world designed to facilitate relationships.

  • Reproduces the rhythm of intimate relationships.
  • Guest controls the type of movement: vertical, horizontal or combined.
  • Customer controls the level of movement intensity.
  • Bed incorporates RGB lighting at its bottom.
  • Flexible measures according to the customer needs.
  • Provides facilities for people with reduced mobility.
Neotantra Sofa

Neotantra Sofa

Exclusive, elegant and sophisticated sofa to let your imagination fly. 

Available in different colours and finishes, the sofa's ergonomic design favours multiple possibilities for the couple to enjoy.

Complements Suite


Suite Margarita Bonita welcomes all its guests with Welcome Erotic Pack, an exclusive metallic packaging that contains some satin ribbons, a plume and an eye mask.
The room also has two Love Pillows, postural cushions to take advantage of the bed, and a User’s Guide to explain how to operate remote controls and to inspire guests.

Formacio Online

Online training

The marketing department of Margarita Bonita offers all its customers, tutorials and online training plans for marketing the concept Margarita Bonita Room in partner hotels.

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