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Margarita Bonita Room

In Margarita Bonita we have created a new concept of romantic room for luxury hotels & boutique hotels, the Margarita Bonita Room .

It includes Neotantra Sofa and Movement Bed a, with the possibility of adding different accessories.

Margarita Bonita Room not require any preinstallation or architectural intervention


The Movement Bed

Movement is the fundamental and differential element of Suite Margarita Bonita. We got it thanks to the Movement Bed, the single bed in the world designed to facilitate relationships.

  • Reproduces the rhythm of intimate relationships.
  • Guest controls the type of movement: vertical, horizontal or combined.
  • Customer controls the level of movement intensity.
  • Bed incorporates RGB lighting at its bottom.
  • Flexible measures according to the customer needs.
  • Provides facilities for people with reduced mobility.
 MG 7271

Neotantra Sofa

Exclusive, elegant and sophisticated sofa to let your imagination .

Its ergonomic design available in different colors and finishes favors multiple chances in the game of the couple.


Optional extras

Margarita Bonita Room can be complemented with an extensive collection of exclusive accessories to inspire guests and bring them to a unique experience. Please ask for more information.

Formacio Online

Online training

The marketing department of Margarita Bonita offers all its customers, tutorials and online training plans for marketing the concept Margarita Bonita Room in partner hotels.

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